Narón, una ciudad coruñesa de fusiones

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Narón, a beautiful city of mergers

Narón (A Coruña) combine, in a magical way, progress with tradition, modernity and classicism, sea with mountains, nature with industrialization, beaches, rivers, nightlife...

Core of high industrial growth, Narón has three industrial areas: "A Gándara", "As Lagoas", and "Rio do Pozo", located a short way from the Hotel. Thanks to our strategic location, you can stay in our rooms, enjoy our great menu and even organize business meetings in our comfortable lounges.

Near of Kensington Hotel you can enjoy the flow of the Xuvia river and mills that took advantage of his wealth, as "Muiño de Amenadás", or "Aceas", built in the late eighteenth century, or hydraulic Xuvia complex that also flour mill to be served to provide electricity to the industrial complex that developed in his former environment: textile mills, paper, and rolled copper.

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Special relevance deserve the Monastery "do Couto", the only Cluniac existing in Galicia, a national artistic monument by the Spanish Ministry of Culture. The present building dates from the early twelfth century. With it, the church of "San Martino", in the same time though both the facade and the tower correspond to the eighteenth century, part of the Galician Romanesque style. Inside there is a medieval tomb of Rodrigo Esquío, from the late fifteenth century, and a varied collection of Compostela style capitals.

Celtic villages, such as "Sequeiro", "Petouzal or "Os Vicás", palace such us "Nelle, the summer-mansion of "Pita Romero", or "Libunca" and others, are part of the historical heritage of the city.

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A few kilometers away, an endless succession of open ocean beaches of fine white sand, clear waters rich in iodine, such as Valdoviño, Meirás, Pantín, Cobas, Doniños, and many others. And of course, countless cafes, pubs and clubs distributed along the Castilla street, give us the opportunity to enjoy the nightlife.

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